The Function of Art and Miscellaneous, One as a Health Media

Art is the expertise of a person in making quality work in terms of refinement, beauty, function, shape, meaning, and so forth. Art can be in the form of human activities from various fields such as visual works, audio, or performances to appreciate the beauty and emotional strength.

Art can also be interpreted as the result of human creation that contains elements of beauty and can affect the feelings of others. The etymological understanding of art comes from Sanskrit, which is sani, which means worship, offerings, and service.

Art is arguably difficult to assess and difficult to explain, because each person has a view of beauty and a view of something that varies according to their respective parameters.

In general, art is divided into two types, namely pure art and applied art. Pure art is an expression of the creator’s creativity. Some examples of fine art are, painting, graphic art, sculpture, ceramic art, and music. Whereas applied art is art that pays attention to the practicality or usefulness of a work of art. Applied art is often called design. Some examples of applied arts are product design, graphic design or visual communication design, building design or architecture, interior design and many more.

The function of art for individuals

For individuals the function of art is more as a tool for meeting their needs.

Humans are beings who have the desire to make themselves happy and meet their own needs. In addition, humans also often express emotions and feelings through an art that describes the situation, or illustrate his imagination. From the results of pouring out his imagination and emotions humans will create an art that can be valuable.

The Function of Art for Social

Humans are social creatures whose lives are not far from interactions with other people and the environment. The function of art for the social itself is more as a medium to meet these social needs.

Art as a media for monitoring

The function of art as a medium of trust is in conveying religious messages to humans. This can be seen from clothing or clothing, wedding ceremonies, death, spiritual songs, calligraphy, and many more. Examples of the function of art as a medium of trust are the Borobudur Temple, and other reliefs which are illustrations of the religious scriptures of a religion.

Art as an educational medium

The function of art as an educational medium is also very important. Through art, one can learn about values ​​and science in a way that is even more fun. So as to capture an information easier.

Art as a medium of entertainment

The function of art as a medium of entertainment is more in the entertainment world. The entertainment world, from music entertainment to visual entertainment or audio visual entertainment, has an art that functions to create a spectacle or show that attracts audiences.

Art as information media

Almost the same as the function of art as entertainment media, the function of art as information media is also not far from audio-visual works that provide interesting information. With art, information will be more easily accepted by others.

Art as health media

In this modern era, there are many artists who create art that makes us feel comfortable even more calm when seeing, hearing, or feeling it. For example, the art of music can cure people with autism, a psychological disorder from a traumatic incident.